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What do we teach at Ryuu Shin?


 Goshin Jujutsu, meaning self-defence in Japanese, is defined as ” a modern martial art system based on Japanese jujutsu.” 


These systems have a primary focus on modern-day defensive tactics, and less focus on traditional or classical techniques. 





 Daito Ryu Aiki Jujutsu is a Japanese martial art that first became widely known in the early 20th century under the headmastership of Sokaku Takeda. 


He referred to the style he taught as”Daito-ryu” (literally, “Great Eastern School”) Takeda’s best-known student was Morihei Ueshiba, “O’Sensei”, the Founder of Aikido.


Ours is not a typical Jujutsu style, where the emphasis is totally on “pain-compliance”. Instead, we focus on balance-taking (kuzushi) and the “Aiki” (soft power) side of things. 



Suitable Ryuu Shin students have the option of studying Daito Ryu Aiki Jujutsu alongside our main Goshin Jujutsu Syllabus. 






 Since Goshin Jujutsu is specifically a self-defence system, it is ideal to use as a “street defence” system. 


There is no need to learn any of the Japanese names for the techniques. Nor to become an expert in the Ryuu Shin Syllabus. And there are no “Grades” in our self defence system.   






Ryuu Shin regular classes are at our Dojo on Fridays 7 – 9pm.


Ryuu Shin Members are also able to book Small Group Sessions (minimum of 2 people) and Private One-T0-One Sessions using a “buddy” booking system. 


The cost of these extra lessons are subsidised by your Ryuu Shin Membership, so they are at a reduced rate compared to Non-Members.








Private Lessons & Small Group Sessions are available for Non-Members.



After taking these lessons, you can apply for Ryuu Shin Membership if you wish.


If accepted, then any future Private Lessons & Small Group Sessions will be at the discounted rate as part of your Ryuu Shin Membership.




Of course if you prefer to not join, then you can continue as a Private Student.


Obviously that is the more expensive option, but I am very aware that some people do not handle a class situation well and prefer a much more private lesson and more personalised attention.




Also, some people want a customised program worked out for them, specifically to enhance and add to their existing martial, arts skills & background. Private lessons can be perfect for that.






Throughout the year, Ryuu Shin host Seminars with high-level instruction from visiting Instructors. These are normally half-day or whole-day events but we also do some weekend events with accommodations provided on-site for those who require it.


First priority for places is given to Ryuu Shin Members, then Associate Members. 


If there are any remaining slots, then they can be offered to Non-Members.





If you wish apply to join Ryuu Shin, contact me for an informal chat.


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