What would a total beginner learn in Ryuu Shin classes?

You will be taught the basics of punching and kicking. There are no high kicks in our Syllabus, so you will never be expected to be super-flexible nor a supreme athlete!

You will learn to apply joint-locks safely. How to sweep and throw people.
How to use superior technique and in particular balance-taking (as in Judo) to overcome a bigger, stronger opponent.

Gradually, and very much at your own pace, you will be taught how to do breakfalls very safely.

We have an extremely structured Syllabus and you would normally be graded several times a year. Our gradings (like our classes) are extremely informal, but if you only want to attend our classes purely for self-defence, then it is NOT compulsory to grade at all.

You DO NOT need to be fit to take part. There is no heavy cardio, but you WILL see an improvement in your flexibility and overall fitness if you attend regularly!

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