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What would a total beginner learn in Ryuu Shin classes?

If you are a total beginner and can demonstrate the commitment that we require in Ryuu Shin,
then you would be very welcome to apply to join Ryuu Shin.

We were all total beginners once.
I take great personal satisfaction in seeing the progress of my students from white belt to black belt.


As a beginner, you will be taught the basics of punching and kicking.
There are no high kicks in our syllabus,
so you will never be expected to be super-flexible nor a supreme athlete!

You will learn to apply joint-locks safely.
How to sweep and throw people. How to use superior technique and in particular balance-taking (as in Judo)
to overcome a bigger, stronger opponent.

Gradually, and very much at your own pace, you will be taught how to do breakfalls (rolling and landing safely)
in a safe and controlled environment.

You do not need to be very fit to take part.
There is no heavy cardio, but you will see an improvement in your flexibility and overall fitness.

We have an extremely structured syllabus and you would normally be graded several times a year.


All that is required for you to be considered for Ryuu Shin Membership
is for you to attend one of our regular classes.
There will be no charge, it will be a Free Trial Lesson for you.

During that session you will be led through some of the very basic moves,
you and we will have a detailed chat so that I can assess your seriousness
and your commitment to training.

If we both agree that Ryuu Shin might be suitable for you,
then you will need to pay for Ryuu Shin Membership (£50)
and you will be granted a 3-month Probationary Membership.

At the end of that time, if we are both happy for you to continue to train with us,
then you will be granted Full Membership.

If either of us don't wish to continue, then the Probationary Period will come to an end
and you will be refunded 50% of your Membership Fee (£25).


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