Dragon  Spirit  Martial  Arts

07885  902126

7 – 9 pm
at our "Hombu" Dojo

Harpers Cottage, Trevillyn, Bugle Cornwall Pl26 8RT

We have a very informal atmosphere at all times, whilst still retaining respect for the fact that we are doing a very serious Martial Art!

You will learn at your own pace.

My senior Students are always on hand and very keen to assist you at all times.
We never forget that we were ALL beginners once!

Why not arrange your Assessment Session, during one of our classes,
for you to see whether our classes are what you are looking for?

During that lesson, you will be restricted in what you are allowed to do, for Insurance purposes and for you own safety.

You will receive teaching from me personally, and I will ensure that during the class, you will see a good cross-section of the techniques that we typically do in most classes.

This ensures that you get a really good indication of what Ryuu Shin is all about.

I hope that after the trial session, you are interested enough to want to join Ryuu Shin.


If you are accepted to join Ryuu Shin, then it is £50 for your first year's Annual Membership,
which includes your Insurance.

After your first year, Annual Membership is only £25.

Once you've paid to join, there are NO Direct Debits and Class Fees are just £10 for 2 hours.

So if there are periods when you are unable to train, there is NO cost to you.

Ryuu Shin Members can book
Small Group Sessions (minimum of 2 students)
at £10 per person for a one-hour lesson
or £15 per person for a two-hour lesson.

Ryuu Shin Members can also book Private One–To–One Sessions
at a reduced rate of £15 per hour.


For the Assessment Session old, loose clothing will be fine, but if you decide to join,
then you will need to purchase a white, plain "Gi" as soon as you are able.
You can purchase this yourself or we can recommend an excellent supplier.

Contact me by email to book your Assessment Session.


Various venues in the UK & New York USA plus at the Ryuu Shin Hombu Dojo

Strictly by invitation at the discretion of Sensei Dave


Many of us regularly attend Seminars throughout the UK and abroad, to experience some World-Class Instructors.

These are typically in Jujutsu, Aikido & Daito Ryu Aiki Jujutsu, but we are constantly looking to improve and add to our skillset, so we will continue to attend any Seminars that we feel may be useful.


As well as Sensei Dave running his own Ryuu Shin Goshin Jujutsu Seminars in our Hombu Dojo,
we often host top Instructors from other styles.

07885 902126

01208 832633

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