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Dave Remnant
3rd Dan Jujutsu


Public Liability Insured
DBS Checked
First Aid Qualified

Our main style is Goshin Jujutsu, but our classes are heavily influenced
by my training in Traditional Japanese Jujutsu, Aikido, Aiki Jujutsu,
Chin Na, Kung Fu and several westernised Self Defence styles.

I believe in making every class lots of fun but always informative and constructive.
Everyone progresses at a different speed.
I pride myself on making sure that all my Students receive
a great deal of personal attention from me during every class.

Our classes are very technique- based.
And yet I focus really heavily on the "principles" behind every technique.

There are no "kata" to learn and no strict requirement to learn the Japanese names of the moves.
Although if you can, its a bonus and it does help.

A phrase you'll hear me quote often in class is
"It's all just Body Mechanics!"

Because that is the essence of what we try to achieve in Ryuu Shin classes.

To be able to move, to pin, to lock-up or to throw our opponent
by using the most efficient body-mechanics.

To not have to rely on lots of physical strength.
To take his posture.
To take his balance and to use his own weight against him.

If you tend to think of an Instructor as that guy who stands on the side of the mat barking out commands and "beasting" you....

Who shows you complicated moves and expect you to "get" them much quicker than you are able to...

And who leaves you feeling "defeated" and feeling like you will never "get it" ...

Nothing could be further from a typical Ryuu Shin class.

You'll always progress at a rate that suits you personally. There is no "beasting". EVER!

You will learn our very well structured Ryuu Shin Jujutsu Syllabus.
Every stage builds logically upon the previous one.

You will be presented with a printed copy of the Syllabus for reference and home study if you wish.
If you want to study beyond our Core Syllabus,
I will provide further material for you, printed or web-based.
If you are ever struggling, we'll always stop and go back over old ground to get you back up-to-speed.

Rather than be that Instructor "beasting" you from the sidelines,
I'll be your Uke (training partner) and will be allowing you to beat me up,
lock me, pin me and generally throw me all around the Dojo!


07885 902126

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