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07885  902126

Ryuu Shin Hombu Dojo, Harpers Cottage, Trevillyn, Bugle P26 8RT

I teach Private Lessons to Individuals or Small Groups (2 – 4 people).

These can be designed around your own very specific needs.
Or I can personally design a complete programme, specifically for you.

These sessions take place in my fully-matted sprung-floor Dojo.
The Dojo is equipped with a selection of punchbags, a Warrior Wall,
a variety of functional fitness equipment, and a full range of martial arts weapons.

As well as the well-equipped indoor training area,
we also have the facility to train outside in good weather,
on either the grass area or the fully-decked area, right next to the Dojo.


The Private Lessons must be paid for in advance (PayPal)
and can be purchased individually, or in blocks of 5 sessions.
(Buying in blocks of 5 gives you a 20% Discount)

And if 2 or more of you share the cost, and do a Small Group Booking,
then the cost-per-person reduces even more.

NOTE: Ryuu Shin Members receive 50% Discount on Private Lessons.
And Ryuu Shin Members can also make Small Group Bookings

at a cheaper cost than for non-members.

So unless you need totally private attention for
every lesson,
then it makes the most sense to join Ryuu Shin (subject to acceptance)
and mix Private Lessons/Small Group Bookings in with our regular classes.


However, some people just do not handle a "class" environment very well,
for a variety of very valid reasons.
So Private Lessons or Small Group Bookings can be an ideal way
to learn Martial Arts or Self Defence, outside of the normal class environment,
in a way best suited to your own personal needs.

Please feel free to contact me by email to discuss your specific requirements in detail.

07885 902126

01208 832633

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